Cosmetics Business Live - panel discussion

Simon Dipple

BellaGiada’s SVP, Simon Dipple, was in the spotlight recently, providing his views in a lively panel discussion entitled ‘Making luxury sustainable’, at the inaugural Cosmetics Business Live event held at the Business Design Centre, London.

Being part of the event’s conference programme, the well-attended discussion was moderated by Sarah Parsons, Editor of

With more than 30 years of experience in graphic arts production, Simon is no stranger to sustainability issues in the luxury manufacturing sector. His career, which started in luxury fine art reproduction printing, has seen him work with many global brands on their sustainable transformation projects. While Chairman of ISO Working Group One, which sets the benchmark for global graphic arts manufacturing, he led the thinking and instigated improvements in internationally recognised ISO standards. Often called upon to advise on the optimum supply chain solution, he focuses on implementing practical changes that create a product journey from short-term improvements to long-term sustainable outcomes.

Simon was joined on the panel by Eva Legarde, CEO and founder of re/sources, who with over 15 years of international experience in the beauty industry, is currently focused on helping beauty brand marketers develop better products with sustainability at the core.

During the discussion, both Simon and Eva voiced their opinions on a range of sustainability issues affecting the luxury beauty segment. These included:

  • Refillable packaging in luxury beauty
  • The unboxing experience and the excess packaging conundrum v the experience itself
  • Luxury packaging’s heavyweight appeal
  • Key regulations and restrictions on the horizon
  • The challenge of educating consumers

To watch Simon and Eva in action, click here to see the full-length video or read their responses in the December edition of Cosmetics Business click here.